Official Website of The Weary World™​Band

The Weary World - A band located in Wisconsin playing alternative rock with occasional folk and bluegrass inspiration. 





CD Released: "So Shines" 

Upcoming Shows:

​Feb. 24, 2017 - J&B's Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill, Milw. 8pm

Past Shows from 2016:

​May 28th - Dryhootch Veteran Fundraiser, Milw., WI

March 11th - CD Release Show, J&B's Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill, Milwaukee, WI

Past Shows from 2015:

August 23rd - J&B's Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill, Milw., WI

August 23rd - DryHootch on Brady St., Milwaukee, WI

July 5th​ - J&B's Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill, Milwaukee, WI

June 19th -VA Domiciliary, Milwaukee, WI

May 29th - DryHootch of America, Milwaukee, WI​​